MSN phone symbol

One of the best things about MSN (Windows Live Messenger) is the ability for you to be able to use the emoticons and smileys that they include inside the software. Some new browsers, and some online versions or web versions of the software, however, don’t let you show the emoticons – so sometimes it’s easier to use the MSN symbols which are built in to windows itself.


MSN phone symbol
MSN phone symbol

They’re really easy to use – you can cut and paste them from below and put them directly into your MSN name and status.

One of the symbols which is extremely popular, especially for business people who use online chat systems such as Windows Live Messenger, is the MSN telephone symbol. The phone character can be used alongside your phone number to show people that you have a new line, or perhaps you can show your business number next to your professional profile.

Whatever you choose, you can find the MSN telephone symbols here:

MSN phone symbol


The standard, black phone character can be used to show people that they should call you instead of talk on chat! Or maybe you want to show someone that you’re currently in a call and can’t come to the computer right now.

phone symbol outline

The white phone symbol is another way of showing that perhaps you have stepped away from the screen for an important call. Don’t lose business by not communicating with your customers!

public pay phone

The public payphone symbol is a common way of adding your phone number to word documents, MSN names and also in Facebook and Myspace. Go for it!

That’s all the phone symbols and telephones for you to use in your MSN name, status and chats. Find any more? Let us know in the comments!

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