MSN male and female symbols

One of the many hidden emoticons and characters that you can use in your MSN names and status is the symbols for ‘man’ and ‘woman’. These symbols are really cool and useful – they can spice up your MSN name and make you look like you have a very funky and unique name!


MSN male and female symbols
MSN male and female symbols

These symbols have been used as a symbol of unity for many years – and are often used together to show a new marriage or a new relationship. If you’ve just started going out with someone, then why not show it in your MSN name by pasting both together next to each other?

Whatever your usage for them, here are the two men and women symbols for WLM for you to copy and paste:

MSN male and female symbols

Male MSN symbol

The male symbol (or man symbol) is a circle with an arrow pointing out from the side of it. It’s often said to be shaped like an arrow, representing the hunter-gatherer quality and masculinity. The alt code for the male symbol is (alt+267).

Female MSN symbol

The female is reported to be the softer sex, and so the female symbol represents her inner beauty and calm. This symbol is also very similar to that which Prince (the famous rock musician) took to be his name more than ten years ago. He has since changed it back. The alt code for the female MSN symbol is (alt+268) .

Both the man and woman symbol character can be copied into your MSN status or used in your name to represent different things. You can also use it in Word documents or in any other social network (such as your Facebook status or in your Myspace page). Let your imagination run wild! If you like this MSN symbol, or if you find any more that are similar, why not leave us a message inside the comments section!

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