MSN cut scissors symbol

One of the coolest msn symbols that you can use in your chats and status is the msn scissors symbol! Cutting people out of your life has never been easier – just copy and past this cut character into your chat and you can show everyone that you’re starting a new life!


MSN cut scissors symbol
MSN cut scissors symbol

The first time I saw this symbol being used in a WLM status was when my friend had it, coupled with a line of dashes. This creates what looks like a ‘cut here’ symbol – it’s guaranteed to get a laugh out of your contacts and friends.

You don’t only have to use the scissors symbol in MSN though. You can also copy and paste it anywhere you like, including in your Facebook status or on your Myspace page. It’s a universal emoticon!

MSN scissors symbol

cut above

This first pair of scissors is the ‘cut above’ symbol – it means that if you put it under a fixed line that the person should place their cutting implement above it. You can use it with dashes to make it look like there is a pair of scissors cutting something.

This scissors emoticon for MSN is dead center, so you can put a dash or solid line coming out of the middle and it will look like a ‘cut here’ sign.

cut below

This is the same as the ‘cut above’ symbol but is for sutting below. Again, why not couple it with a hyphen for a useful scissors symbol?


This MSN cut symbol is bigger than the others! This pair of scissors is more like a pair of shears! Be carefeul with it!

You can use all of these MSN scissors symbols in your chats, statuses or in your MSN names. If you find any more, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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