MSN nuclear symbols

Caution! Sometimes what you say on MSN can be hazardous to the health of the person reading it, so why not give them a warning by using the MSN nuclear symbol in your chats? Here’s how to add a biohazard symbol to your MSN status, a nuclear symbol and also a caution sign! Stop!

MSN nuclear symbols
MSN nuclear symbols

The caution sign below is not the most traditional one, but it is widely used to express the need for people to take care when they are doing some sort of activity. You can use it when someone has started talking about something which they should be careful about, or perhaps when thinking about accidents which may have happened in the past.

The radioactive sign for MSN is one of the most popular signs that you can copy and paste directly into your chats, because it looks so cool! You can also use this one in word documents or other websites (such as Facebook or Myspace) when you need to show someone that your words are EXPLOSIVE!

Finally, you may recognize the biohazard symbol from games like Doom or Duke Nukem, and it’s back now to serve as a warning that there are highly toxic goods around the corner! Be careful!

MSN nuclear symbols

caution sign

If you don’t take care, then you’ll be punished! The caution sign can warn people to stop right where they are or risk further actions – which you will take!

radioactive sign

The nuclear symbol which for years has been a character which represents war and disaster, now for your own MSN name!

biohazard sign

Hazard! Warning! Be careful when using the biohazard sign, as many people might mistake it for actual nuclear waste and put you in quarantine!

These nuclear MSN symbols can all be copied and pasted from here, right into your MSN status or chat. Use them today and watch people gasp in amazement!

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