MSN peace symbol

Everyone wants a calm and quiet life, but how do you write a peace symbol in your MSN name? The information is right here – you can copy and paste the peace symbol from this post into your MSN status and chats and it will show up without the need for an emoticon or to save it to your hard disk! Cool, right?

MSN peace symbol
MSN peace symbol

The peace symbol has been an international goodwill gesture ever since the 1960s when millions of people around the world walked to ban the atom bomb. This symbol might actually be called the ban the bomb symbol due to its total nature of peace and calm.

There are many different situations when you might want to use the MSN peace symbol. Some people like to protest against war in other countries, especially ones which they think are unnecessary. This symbol can be in your MSN name and show the world that you’re fighting against violence! It also looks very cool!

There is also another symbol which represents tranquility and calm in the world – the ying yang symbol. That has been included here because it really represents similar values and feelings. What is better than putting both into your MSN name and showing the world how you feel? Nothing!

MSN peace symbol

MSN peace sign

The classic sign of anti-violence and pro-peace, this symbol can make your MSN name, chat or status look very cool! Don’t forget, you can also use this one in your Facebook status, Myspace page or anywhere that can accept copy and paste! No emoticons or smileys needed!

yin & yang

The ancient Chinese symbol of tranquility and calm, the ying yang symbol can bring an air of calm to your otherwise busy MSN name! Use it and chill out!

These two peace signs for MSN can be used together or alone to show everyone on your WLM friends list the message you’re trying to give. If you find any more MSN peace symbols in the windows character map that you can alt, why don’t you let us know in the comments? I’m sure everyone will appreciate it!

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