MSN smiley face symbol

A lot of people know about MSN emoticons and smileys, but did you know that you don’t need to use the standard emoticons which are inside the chat software? Actually, there are loads of smiley face symbols that you can use in your MSN name and status, and also in your chats!


MSN smiley face symbol
MSN smiley face symbol

This article will tell you which emoticon faces are available to you, and what they represent! As a lot of these smiley face symbols are hidden within windows (you need to use an alt code to find them), you will be able to impress your friends with them right now!

MSN smiley face symbol

smiley face

The classic happy emoticon is now available in an MSN smiley symbol! Copy and paste from above and you can include this smile in any of your chats or status updates. You don’t just need to use it in your MSN either, you can try to use this character in Word files or anywhere where you can type!

Frowning face

I don’t know why anyone would want to find a sad MSN symbol, but here is one! It’s a little bit smaller than the happy face (because sad people are small people maybe?) but if you need to show someone that you’re not happy, you can always paste this into your chat box with them and let them know!

Black smiley face symbol

The world is full of different people, and sometimes you want to stand out! Try adding the black smiley face MSN symbol into your status message and you’ll definitely have people asking you how to do it! Don’t tell them though…

Crazy smiley

This is one rare and special MSN smiley symbol – the crazy face! It looks like a sideways smile, or maybe a very big one! It’s up to you to interpret it and decide for yourself!

Second crazy smiley

This emoticon symbol looks a bit like the regular ‘confused’ emoticon smiley in MSN, but actually it is another special character. I often use it to tell people that I think they are completely crazy! I don’t know what you will use it for!

Shocked smiley MSN symbol character

This is a ‘cheat’ emotion, because it’s not a real face smiley, but the letter ‘O’ with two dots above it. However, it still looks just like a man with small eyes and a HUGE mouth! Use it to give someone a shock today!

Big smile MSN symbol character

Another ‘cheat’ smiley face symbol, this one is the letter ‘U’ with two dots above it. Inside MSN, however, it looks like someone smiling from ear to ear! You can sometimes also find this one in your mobile phone too (so you can use an emoticon in your cellphone!).

Ok, that’s all the MSN smiley face symbols and characters for today – but check back again soon for more from us!

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