MSN symbols

This site is the best on the internet for finding MSN symbols – the little characters that you can use in your MSN name or status (or even in your chats themselves).

The reason why people love them is because they’re easy to use (you just copy and paste them like normal letters) and you don’t need to download or install them because they’re part of the alt symbol character map installed inside Windows.

MSN symbols
MSN symbols

So where can you find these symbols for your MSN name? Well you can investigate them yourself by combing through the different fonts and symbols using the character map or typing random numbers while holding down the ALT button, but there’s an easier way – just check this website for updates!

We’ve got loads of really cool icons for you to use, including heart symbol, peace sign symbol, scissors, nuclear symbol, airplane and many more! Below are a few examples of the groovy symbols – check them out!

MSN symbols


One of the rarest special characters to use in your MSN status or name is the airplane – it’s almost as cool as a real emoticon and you can use it in any chat, not just uploaded ones in MSN.

Headphones MSN symbol – ☊

Nobody has found this one yet, the headphones icon! It looks like those new cool headphones that have chunky, oversized ear protectors – and now you can add it to your name while you’re chatting on Windows Live Messenger!

Celsius symbol – ℃

Is the temperature heating up around you? Is it freezing you to death? You can put an exact reading inside your name by putting a number next to this!

Heart symbol MSN – ♥

The most famous and popular MSN symbol is the heart – and the black one is the best! You can send it to your friends, lovers or family to show them that you care!

Music note symbol – ♪

Another very popular MSN symbol is the music note, because it can show people what you’re listening to. Many online services like use it in their twitter tweets, and now you can use it wherever you like!

These are just a few of the best MSN symbols that you can use in your chats and statuses – if you want more then just check out the archives!

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