Numbers in circles in your MSN status

Some people recently have started looking harder and deeper for special symbols and characters to use in their MSN names, statuses and chats. It’s not surprising, because with the rise of ‘online’ web based messenger services like Meebo, which tie together a number of different clients and contact lists, it’s becoming increasingly hard to use emoticons which you have uploaded yourself.

Numbers in circles in your MSN status
Numbers in circles in your MSN status

What people want are a common set of emoticons and symbols which can be used across different clients and platforms. Well, this already exists – and it’s called the special alt MSN symbol. These symbols and be copied and pasted anywhere – including in MSN statuses and chats but not just limited to them. They can also be used in Facebook statuses, Myspace pages, word files and more.

Today’s set of special characters are extremely useful, especially for those people who are clumsy and often lose their phone. One of the most commonly used MSN status messages is for people to talk about their new phone number or perhaps their business line – now you can make it look special by encasing the phone number in circles!

There is every number including 10 here, so you’re sure to have enough to choose from – why not try pasting them into your MSN name today and see what people say?

Numbers in circles in your MSN status


Stay tuned for more cool MSN characters! If you find any more related to MSN name numbers in circles then let us know and we’ll add them to the site!

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