Tên Game Hay

Ten Game Hay

[nickcool_nickname] Ngoài ra, bạn còn có thể tạo mới những tên game hay cho riêng mình bằng công cụ dưới đây nhé. Chỉ cần nhập tên và nhấn tạo là xong, quá trình chỉ mất khoảng 0.1s để hoàn thành cho bạn những tên game hay bằng kí tự đặc biệt đẹp. [generator_text_symbol]

Configuring App Transport Security Exceptions in iOS 9 and OSX 10.11

What is App Transport Security (ATS)? At WWDC 2015, Apple announced “App Transport Security” for iOS 9 and OSX 10.11 El Capitan. The “What’s New in iOS” guide for iOS 9 explains: App Transport Security (ATS) lets an app add a declaration to its Info.plist filethat specifies the domains with which it needs secure communication. ATS prevents … Read more

What It’s Really Like to Work at Rap Genius

If there’s one thing Rap Genius has no shortage of, it’s attention. Whether they caught your eye because of their highly publicized smack down from Google, their incredibly popular technical takedown of Heroku, or just the insinuation that the co-founders might be insane, there’s a good chance you have an opinion of what kind of company Rap Genius is. There’s … Read more